Rail Cars


or over 50 years, the plant in Vetschau produces bogies for railway vehicles. Bogies made in Vetschau perform reliably for trams, metros, subways and commuter trains, rail buses, coaches, sleeping and double-deck cars, service vehicles and high-speed trains.

Since the start of the bogie production in 1970 more than 50,000 bogies have been produced which find their use worldwide in several countries, e. g. in Egypt, Bulgaria, China, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Ghana, Greece, CIS, Spain, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, Slovakia, Syria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ukraine and Uganda. Our bogies meet the highest quality standards to ensure the necessary security in railway operation!

Our Services:

In addition to the manufacturing of various bogies, the construction of new suspension solutions in close cooperation with the customer is another field of activity for the TransTec F&E Vetschau GmbH.

Comprehensive spare parts service, the transfer of know-how to our customers as well as a wide range of services make our product profile perfect.

Safety, customer service and cost-efficiency are at the foundations of our success.

Produced Models