Boogie for Tram

mit Niederfluranteil für schwierige Fahrwege

Bogie for city railway

Technical data

Running gear: Two-axle city railway vehicles with various design as trailer and motor bogie
Gauge: 1435 mm
Speed: 100 km/h
Wheel base: 2200 mm
Tare weight of trailer bogie: 3,2 t
Tare weight of motor bogie: 4,9 t
Material of main supporting components: S355J2G3 (1.0570)
Permissible static axle load: 12 t
Wheelset guidance: Through rocker bar
Longitudinal clinging: Through bogie pin
Primary suspension: Laminated rubber spring
Secondary suspension: Air spring
Brakes: 1 disc brake per axle
Motor bogie with eddy-current brake
Mass reduction by diverse use of casted aluminium

Manufactured by order of Bombardier Transportation

Produced Models