Boogie Goerlitz V

Bogie Görlitz V

Technical data

Running gear: Two-axle
Gauge: 1000 mm, 1067 mm, 1435 mm
Running speed: 160 km/h
Braking speed: 160 km/h
Tare weight: 6 t
Material for main supporting components: TSt E 355, St 52-3
Axle guiding: By spring spindles, axle springs between bogie frame and wheelset
Secondary suspension: Arrangement of secondary suspension by menas of a spring-supported bolster-through-unit with adjustable pendular
Pivot: Centre-supporting of car-body
Brakes: High-power double-block brake; arrangement of a disc brake is possible
Use: Passenger cars, catenary inspection railö cars and crew cars of refrigerator trains

Manufactured by order of Bombardier Transportation

Produced Models