Boogie GP 200

Bogie GP 200

Technical data

Running gear: Two-axle
Gauge: 1435 mm, modification 1520 mm
Running speed: 200 km/h
Braking speed: 200 km/h
Tare weight: 5,6 t
Material for main supporting components: TSt E 355, St 52-3
Range of load-carrying capacity: 20,5 t, 23,5 t, 25 t, 28 t
Guidance:                  Non-wearing guiding of wheelset and bolster by guiding rods
Car body support: By side bearer, guiding by centre bogie pin
Primary suspension: Screw spring sets
Secondary suspension: Screw spring sets
Brakes (optionally): GP 200 S: disc brake
GP 200 S (Mg): disc brake and prepared for electromagnetic rail brake
GP 200 S Mg: disc brake and electromagnetic rail brake
Standard: UIC-Code 515
Use: Saloon coaches, compartment coaches, couchettes, sleeping cars, dining cars

Manufactured by order of Bombardier Transportation

Produced Models