Boogie HFB 3.25

Bogie HFB 3.25

Technical data

Running gear: Three-axle
Gauge: 1435 mm
Axle load: 25 t
Running speed: 120 km/h
Braking speed: s/ss
Temperature range: +50 °C to -25 °C
Tare weight: 9,4 t
Material of main supporting components: S355J2+N
Wheel base: 2 x 1700 mm
Wheel diameter: 920 mm
Wheelset bearing: Cylindrical roller bearing
Wheelset guidance: Rubber cone spring
Bogie frame: Three-piece frame (traverse + 2 half-frames)
Suspension: Rubber cone suspension
Damping: Load-dependent hydraulic damper
Pivot: Maintenance-free plastic plate
Brakes: Axle disc brake; 2 disc brakes per axle

Produced Models